How do I register for events?

To register for NAAT alumni events and activities, you can either simply react online for a specific event under   'Event Calendar', or (for alumni events of host Dutch institutions) send an email with confirmation form as required to naat@nesothailand.org or tel: +66 2 252 6088 *To ensure good communication and arrangement for each event, we kindly suggest you to do event registrations by email.


Can NAAT help me with organizing a small reunion or special alumni events?

We are very enthousiastic about initiatives done by our alumni or institution members.

We will help in organising various events, such as alumni dinners, seminars, conferences, courses and workshops on certain topics. The NAAT is willing to invite guest speakers such as scholars, government officials and alumni in high positions to share their knowledge and experiences. Furthermore, activities could be arranged including getting together with, and exchanging expertise with alumni from other alumni associations.

How does the NAAT deal with my personal information?

The NAAT is committed to protecting your privacy as a network member. By filling out the online Registration Form, you decide which personal details will be disclosed in the Alumni Directory. In order to guarantee your privacy, only basic information (such as name and e-mail address) can be viewed by other alumni and your former host-institution. The NAAT Secretariat is the only party who will be able to view all data you have submitted, but will not sell, rent or lease your name and/or personal information to third parties.

Can I play a more active role as an alumni member?

Yes, the NAAT is always looking for enthousiastic alumni members. Since we are an organisation based on volunteers, we are always in search of new alumni members who would like to help organise our activities and serve as intermediaries between  Alumni,  Dutch organizations, Corporates & Government officials. Please send us an email to enquire more information of becoming a NAAT member, e-mail:  naat@nesothailand.org or tel: +66 2 252 6088

Do I have to pay for my NAAT membership?

NAAT will not charge for membership fees. Once you have submitted the applicationform you will become a" NAAT member for life". In addition we ask you to register yourself by filling out some information on the Online Registration Form, and submit this to us. However, to ensure membership effectiveness, there can be a membership information checking period, which can last one or two days. You will receive an email confirmation for the registration.


What kind of services can I get from the NAAT?

Being a NAAT member will give you the advantages of making use of several alumni services, such as joining our events and activities, receiving the NAAT Newsletter and setting up your own Alumni Chapter.

How do I register as a NAAT member?

To register as one of our members, please go to "become a naat member". where you can download the applicationform. you can submit the applicationfom by email: naat@nesothailand.org or tel: +66 2 252 6088. We ask you to fill out some basic information (considered compulsory to be able to register you as a member), such as name, e-mail address, and study program. After submitting the Registration Form,you will receive an email notification informing you whether your membership registration is proved or not. After you have become a NAAT registered pre-alumni* or alumni**.

What does the NAAT stand for?

The NAAT stands for Netherlands Alumni Association Thailand which is a non profit organization for and by all Dutch alumni in Thailand and who have completed their study or engaged in academic research in the Netherlands and now live in Thailand (or still in the Netherlands).

  The NAAT is the sole official Dutch alumni network in Thailand, NAAT not only acts as a platform to improve the communication between alumni and their host institutions but also serves as a matchmaker to facilitate the business communities for talent scouting and recruitment among the highly trained alumni.

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